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PEO insurance

Why Is PEO Insurance Necessary?

Industries spanning the globe need insurance coverage in case of an accident. The same holds true for professional employer organizations (PEOs). These organizations make sure businesses are protected through employee benefit designs, payroll management and tax filing, so why shouldn’t they be protected as well? The following are a couple reasons why PEO insurance is necessary.

  1. Unforeseen Circumstances – There are unforeseen circumstances that happen all the time in business. PEOs are not exempt from these scenarios. If you run one of these organizations, you run the risk that something will fall through the cracks and one of the companies you manage will come after you for negligence. You can’t predict when these situations will happen, but you can be prepared for them.
  2. Financial Stability – When an unforeseen circumstance does happen, it’s nice to know you are financially stable because of your insurance coverage. Instead of worrying that you will lose the company due to an unexpected claim and a judgment that needs to be paid, you can get your work done and know that the insurance will pick up if a mistake is unfortunately made.

PEOs are great for businesses that don’t like to manage those things themselves. As a PEO, you are saving a lot of business professionals the hassle of figuring something out that may not make sense to them. Save yourself a hassle in the meantime with PEO insurance.

transit insurance programs

Save Money and Time by Investing in a Transit Insurance Program

In almost any enterprise that deals with a large scale transportation of goods, whether that means shipping products overseas, assembling various parts through global distributors, or both, business owners must contend with the fact that a certain percentage of their products will not arrive at their destination in the same condition that they were sent, or may even not arrive at all. While anything less than 100 percent transit success is a financial loss, a large scale loss of merchandise is a particularly dangerous possibility, one which could significantly alter your financial landscape. When you work with transit insurance programs, you can be assured that you will never face any financial repercussions for lost or damaged inventory.

When you are looking for the best transit insurance programs, search for a provider who offers a wide range of coverage. The best providers will cover damage and loss due to rough handling, theft, natural disasters, and transportation vehicle or vessel accidents, as well as incorrect and just plain non delivery. A wide range of coverage indicates that your insurance provider has your back in any transit related situation that will affect your bottom line.
A steady, dependable supply and distribution model is critical to the long term success of your business. As long as you do your part, a transit insurance program will ensure that your products or their financial equivalent makes it to their destination, every time.


omissions insurance for insurance agents

What Can Omissions Insurance Assist With?

Even insurance agents need insurance. If there is ever an oversight with a client’s claim and that client sues, the agent could need to pay quite a bit in legal fees. That is why omissions insurance for insurance agents is a protection worth getting, and it can pay for quite a bit.

Legal Fees

Going to court and hiring an attorney can cost a pretty penny. That is why omissions insurance helps with covering all legal expenses. This includes attorney fees and court fees such as document filing.


It is an unfortunate prospect to consider, but there is always the possibility that you will go to court and lose. Settlement amounts can vary greatly, but with a comprehensive insurance policy, your insurance can help cover a good amount of the settlement.

Any Additional Administrative Costs

Lawsuits are intensive and detailed. There are numerous papers you may need to photocopy, ship or process. All those little fees add up quickly, but your policy may help cover some of these minor expenses.

While no one ever wants to actually use their insurance policy, you definitely do not want to be caught without it just in case something does come up. Omissions insurance for insurance agents is available, and you should speak with a professional to learn more about it.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Get The Most From Your Cyber Liability Coverage

You hope not to have to file a claim, but should you need to do so there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Check out these tips to ensure that you get the most from your cyber liability coverage.

Know Your Policy

The first step in utilizing anything properly is to know how it works. The same is true with insurance. Take some time to read through your policy to make sure that you understand what and who is covered under each benefit. Since providers may make changes to your policy at times, it is a good practice to review your policy at least twice a year.

Gather Needed Materials

In order to file a claim there are certain procedures that you must adhere to. Each provider is different, so be sure that you understand the proper filing method for your policy. If handled incorrectly, it could slow down the progress of your case or result in denial of your claim.

Consult With Your Agent

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your agent. Helping you with your policy is the agent’s job, and it is in your best interest to utilize all available resources.

By heeding these tips you can be sure to get the most out of your cyber liability coverage. For more helpful information, contact your local provider.

car insurance companies in CT

Tips to Help You Compare Car Insurance Quotes

All over the country people are looking to save a few extra dollars every month, and residents of Connecticut are no exception. You might be thinking about saving money on your auto insurance by shopping around. If you are comparing car insurance companies in CT, the following tips will help you.

Talk to Family and Friends

Many people have car insurance, so ask your friends and family how they feel about their policy. Have they been with the insurance company long? Are they satisfied with their rates? Are they satisfied with the customer service, especially if they have ever had to make a claim? Although this information isn’t available in an insurance quote, it can be very helpful in determining which insurance company will suit your needs best.

Look for Discounts

Many car insurance companies in CT offer discounts and good-driver rewards programs. Drivers of a certain age or people with consistently good driving records may be eligible for discounts. Be sure to ask about these potential savings while shopping.

When shopping car insurance companies in CT, remember to always get and compare at least three quotes. This way you will know exactly how much each kind of coverage may cost you. Consider working with an insurance agent who can help you compare insurance policies to find affordable rates.

restaurant insurance in Tennessee

What to Do in Addition to Obtaining Liquor Liability Insurance

If your restaurant serves alcohol, then make sure the insurance policy you get comes with liquor liability. Numerous companies offer restaurant insurance in Tennessee, so it is definitely easy to get. You just need to ensure that you are covered in the event something bad happens as a result of someone getting overly intoxicated.

Make Sure Your Bartenders Are Skilled and Experienced

One of the things all your bartenders should be skilled in is determining when a customer has had too much to drink. Bartenders should also play a role in ensuring that someone who is far too drunk is not allowed to drive. Make sure everyone you employ is fully certified so that you can trust them with these responsibilities.

Always Check Every Patron

Whether you have your bartenders check I.D. or if there is someone at the door checking, you need to make sure everyone you serve alcohol to is over the age of 21. You may face a hefty lawsuit if it is determined that your establishment served minors.

These actions will prevent any problems, and if all goes well, you may never need to rely on your liquor liability insurance. However, it is always preferable to have restaurant insurance in Tennessee just in case, so do not get caught without it.

CT Car Insurance

The Importance of Reviewing Your Car Insurance

Once you have CT car insurance, it may be tempting to just forget about it. However, many experts suggest you review your policy regularly to ensure it still fits your needs. Even if it seems nothing in your life has changed, it may still be beneficial to review your policy.

You May Want More Coverage

Most states have a minimum amount of auto insurance required. When you bought your policy, you may have just bought the lowest amount possible. As you get older and become more financially stable, you may want to add more.

You Can Get an Overview of the Claims Process

It’s important to understand what you would have to do in the face of an accident. As you review your CT car insurance, you can also review what sort of paperwork you might have to fill out or who you should call.

Your Current Provider May no Longer Best Suit Your Needs

As you review your insurance, you may find out you qualify for a discount from other carriers, but not yours. You may learn about coverages and amenities provides by another company. It’s important to review your car insurance, so you can make sure it is still the best for you.

Work With an Agent

When you’re ready to review your CT car insurance, work with an agent. He or she will be able to go over policy details and help you make necessary changes.

classic collectors insurance

Things Brought Into Consideration When Getting Classic Collectors Insurance

You probably spent quite a bit of money to obtain your collector cars. It only makes sense to ensure they remain protected by acquiring classic collectors insurance for your vintage vehicles. Every policy is different, and certain items will need to be considered in order to determine what you need to pay.

What Constitutes “Classic”

Everyone has their own definition of what is considered a classic vehicle. Some agencies may only consider vehicles that are at least 25 years old to be classic while others only require a vehicle to be 10 years old. Of course, the make and model of the vehicle also needs to be considered.

Any Modifications

Is your vintage car exactly the way it is when it rolled off the lot or have certain modifications been made? This may affect the kind of coverage you are able to get. When you speak with an agent, you will need to bring to light what alterations have been made, if any.

Where It Is Kept

This may seem minor, but whether you have a garage can play a big role in the amount of coverage you receive. Many insurance companies want to know where this vehicle will be kept most of the time.

Bring as much information as you can to your consultation so that an agent will be able to help you get the best classic collectors insurance for your needs. Afterward, you can drive around with peace of mind.