Specialty Insurance Options

Aegis Security

Insurance is available for all the basics in your life: health, dental, car and home. However, sometimes your needs don’t fit into the standard box. Specialty insurance for dwellings, like that offered by Aegis Security, gives people an option for their unique housing needs.

  1. Manufactured Home – You don’t want to pay too much for insurance, yet getting general coverage may leave you shelling out for more than you really need. Factors affecting your premium can include:
    • Is it permanently situated?
    • Is it on public or private land?
    • Is it a rental unit?
    • Is it used full time or seasonally?
  2. Unoccupied Dwelling – A house that is vacant because it is on the market or undergoing renovations may not need the same coverage as a basic homeowner s policy. Aegis Security provides coverage for these unique situations, where you need to protect the structure but not personal belongings.
  3. Travel Trailer – Your trailer can be another kind of home, a hybrid between a house and a car. That provides an insurance quandary: is it covered by your homeowner s or auto policy? Specialty coverage can include fundamentals a car policy would, like external damage. However, it can also include in-unit items like appliances.

Basic insurance may not give you adequate coverage for your distinctive needs. Aegis Security can offer individualized policies to help you protect your one-of-a-kind property.