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Aegis Security

Specialty Insurance Options

Insurance is available for all the basics in your life: health, dental, car and home. However, sometimes your needs don’t fit into the standard box. Specialty insurance for dwellings, like that offered by Aegis Security, gives people an option for their unique housing needs.

  1. Manufactured Home – You don’t want to pay too much for insurance, yet getting general coverage may leave you shelling out for more than you really need. Factors affecting your premium can include:
    • Is it permanently situated?
    • Is it on public or private land?
    • Is it a rental unit?
    • Is it used full time or seasonally?
  2. Unoccupied Dwelling – A house that is vacant because it is on the market or undergoing renovations may not need the same coverage as a basic homeowner s policy. Aegis Security provides coverage for these unique situations, where you need to protect the structure but not personal belongings.
  3. Travel Trailer – Your trailer can be another kind of home, a hybrid between a house and a car. That provides an insurance quandary: is it covered by your homeowner s or auto policy? Specialty coverage can include fundamentals a car policy would, like external damage. However, it can also include in-unit items like appliances.

Basic insurance may not give you adequate coverage for your distinctive needs. Aegis Security can offer individualized policies to help you protect your one-of-a-kind property.

Dangerous Dog Liability Insurance

Even Pet Owners Need Insurance for Protection

Picture this scenario in your mind: You don’t have dangerous dog liability insurance. And from the very first moment you welcomed your beloved Fido into your home, you probably never thought you’d be faced with a dog bite lawsuit. Your pet is as nice can be, and he has never acted so aggressively towards anyone before. Now you have to figure out how to pay for any legal and medical bills that arise from this situation, which is going to cause you to deplete your savings.

Dog Bite Attacks Are More Common Than You Think

Unfortunately, this is an all too common situation for many pet owners. Although you can’t control your pet every second of the day, the next best course of action is to purchase a good dangerous dog liability insurance policy for protection.

It only takes a few moments to get a quote and purchase a policy that protects you and your family from the financial stress and consequences that can occur should your pet be named in a dog bite attack lawsuit. A good policy offers you a broad range of coverage that makes it easier for you to live your life without constantly worrying about what could happen should your pet attack someone. Contact a credible pet insurer and speak with one of their agents to learn more about your coverage options today.

New Jersey Home Insurance Companies

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need?

Purchasing a home the first time is a major expense. Starting all over can be downright frightening. New Jersey home insurance companies offer policies that will cover the cost of a new house and all your belongings. How much coverage is enough?

What Is the Home Worth?

To determine the amount of coverage you need, consider the price tag for rebuilding the structure at current prices. Take your square footage amount and multiply it by the local building charge per square foot. You can find out this dollar amount by calling your area’s builders association. This number won’t necessarily match the price you originally paid.

If you have a mortgage through a bank, it may require you to have a homeowner’s policy based on the loan amount. Make sure this amount coincides with current construction pricing. Don’t include the price of the land.

Factoring Expenses

The amount that it will be to rebuild your home will depend on several factors. Those include:

  • Exterior walls: are they brick, vinyl or wood
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Special features such as fireplaces or arched windows
  • Style of home: one story or more
  • Local construction rates
  • Square footage of the house

The amount of coverage you will need from one of the New Jersey home insurance companies will depend on the size and type of home that you have. It will also be determined by the cost of local construction.

Is Insurance Telemarketing Enough to Grow Your Business?

Is Insurance Telemarketing Enough to Grow Your Business?

You know the drill full well. Insurance is a competitive marketplace. Your customers are encouraged to shop for the best rates. Unfortunately, however, many potential customers do not fully understand the insurance field and wind up getting frustrated and confused by the different coverage options and rates available. But, that s where good insurance telemarketing is the most effective.

Find the Best Partner

If you supplement your team with an army of phone marketers who are adept at working through the tangles of insurance lingo, your potential customers will feel assured in their decision. A good support team is hard to find, however, and how do you get to the leads?

Robust Marketing Not Just Insurance Telemarketing

A full marketing plan does much more than enlist a bevy of callers. It is a robust integrated marketing plan that includes SEO, Email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, and web design. These parts work together to put qualified leads in your pipeline. From here, insurance telemarketing can go to work for you.

Once leads are developed, a call team is seen by potential contacts as more of a help than a hindrance. These qualified professionals can answer questions and help potential clients understand the difference between policies. Supplement your team s sales services with an integrated marketing plan and watch your business grow!

A Uniquely Customizable Insurance Rating Engine

A Uniquely Customizable Insurance Rating Engine

If you’re an MGA, Insurance Carrier or Program Administrator in search of a versatile, customizable rating engine, the NetSYNERGY system can make your rating process more effective, efficient and profitable. This “black-box” engine gives users the option of putting their own brand name as the face of the engine, while NetRate provides all the technology and back end support. Customers receive a ready-made product that fits their individual needs and requires no committed IT resources. Users can customize the look of the interface as well as its functionality, creating adaptations that tailor the software to the company’s specific needs and customers.

NetSYNERGY users also have access to other NetRate Systems components, including:

  • NetRATE XML — Provides complete documentation of supporting information needed to map user interface fields, rates and premiums.
  • NetRate ISO Classification Lookup — Enables rapid lookup for ISO classification, including support resources for updating to the most current ISO changes.
  • Zip Code/Territory Matching Modules — Provide location-specific data for the most accurate information.
  • Consulting Services — Offers personal assistance with implementation of the service, including technical support and detailed training.

The NetSYNERGY system is applicable to all types of ISO-based businesses, including General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Crime, Garage, Inland Marine and Business Owners Policy. It covers all 50 states. It is a powerful but easy to use tool with the agility to adapt to industry and business changes.

How to Find an Errors and Omissions Policy Suited to the Insurance Industry

How to Find an Errors and Omissions Policy Suited to the Insurance Industry

Finding the right errors and omissions (E and O) insurance is essential to help insurance companies prevent litigation related to claims of negligence. Without this coverage in place, insurance agents could encounter steep court costs and other fees if such claims occur. While most professionals require some sort of liability coverage, E and O insurance for insurance agents is particularly important given the myriad of industry risks.

Look for Policies Tailored to the Insurance Industry

One factor a company must consider when seeking E and O insurance for insurance agents is whether these policies were custom-designed with the needs of insurance companies in mind. This can entail crafting coverage limits to suit industry requirements, while also including other types of protections within liability policies.

For instance, insolvency coverage can be vital to prevent gaps within a company’s existing insurance policies. Determining these details before deciding on a prospective policy can make all the difference should claims occur.

Work With Insurance Companies Well-Versed in Industry Needs

Another important factor is whether the company offering errors and omissions policies has experience with products specific to the insurance industry. Even those insurance companies providing liability coverage may not be equipped to afford such specialized service.

Past experience can be essential for anticipating risks before they happen, which can greatly reduce the likelihood that claims occur. Additionally, a company with prior experience will be able to advise agents on selecting the right policies, thereby ensuring coverage remains sufficient.

Ensure Your Agents Remain Protected

E and O insurance for insurance agents is an essential part of making certain your insurance company remains protected when faced with damaging allegations. To this end, the above information can help you secure a suitable policy, thereby guaranteeing comprehensive coverage no matter what.