Understanding General Liability and Your Temporary Staffing Insurance Needs

Understanding General Liability and Your Temporary Staffing Insurance Needs

Many corporate insurance plans assume that their clients are based on a traditional business structure. In contrast, temporary staffing firms as well as their clients are structured in a newer and more unfamiliar manner. Because most insurance firms assume that companies hire employees directly, they may not be fully addressing your temporary staffing insurance needs. As a result, there may be several gaps in your insurance plan. The most important first step in making sure you are covered is with general liability.

Covers Medical Expenses Due to Job Injury

There may be several potential hazards on the jobsites of your contracted employees, and there is potential for injury. General liability helps you directly address worker compensation claims and covers the associated medical costs.

Protects Against Bodily Damage Suits

While most of your staffers are likely honest, some employees may be looking to make a quick buck. Slip and fall cases, while not covered under law, can frequently result in long arduous and expensive lawsuits. With general liability, your insurer will hire a lawyer and handle the legal process in these cases without billing you for extensive legal fees.

Protects Against Advertising and Personal Injury

Negative publicity can have a major impact on your business’ image and can substantially hurt your profits. As such, it is important to ensure that you are protected against the slanderous actions of others. General liability can help you fight back against wrongful arrests, negative advertising or privacy violations. These actions can result in a number of legal fees, and general liability will fight for you while managing costs.

General liability is the foundation of solid protection, and it is important that you include it in your temporary staffing insurance plan.