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Kinds of Workers Compensation Programs

Workers compensation is required by law in almost all cases, and even when it isnt its an absolutely critical component of any corporate insurance plan. In addition to typical workers compensation, there are many different programs and plans that can help keep a business and its employees safe. Here are some of the best workers compensation programs that a business can choose.

Traditional Workers Comp

First of all, a basic workers comp plan is absolutely essential. This is designed to help pay for workers lost wages and medical care in the event that they are injured in a workplace accident. This is usually a legal requirement, but it is also a good idea because having a plan in place can boost worker morale and productivity.

Risk Management

Another type of plan that is good to have is a safety program. Many insurers will also provide services to help ensure OSHA compliance, assist with prevention training, avoid fraud or abuse, and stem losses in the event that something does go wrong. These workers compensation risk management programs are an excellent choice for protecting a business from disasters in the first place.

Return to Work

Finally, a return-to-work program is a great idea for any business. This is designed to help injured employees get back on their feet and into their job, reducing downtime and stemming losses. These are just a few of the most important kinds of workers compensation programs.

Tips for Finding Construction Insurance in New Jersey

With the marked increase in demand for construction services throughout the state of New Jersey, it’s now more important than ever for business owners in the industry to be insured. Luckily, there hasn’t been a better time to scope out your options. Here are some tips on how to find the best construction insurance in New Jersey.

  1. Choose Local – When you begin insurance shopping for your construction business, it’s best to choose an agency that is local to your state and/or the surrounding regions. This ensures that the company you work with is familiar with the territory you cover and can provide better advice and recommendations as a result. Moreover, working with a local agency is a great way to receive personalized, one-on-one support from insurance specialists who appreciate your business.
  2. Make Sure You Have Options – The next step is to find an insurer that offers an array of coverages to suit your specialized needs. Due to the nature of construction, there is always a chance your business could be held liable for something that goes wrong. In addition to offering strong commercial general liability coverage, the best construction insurance agencies offer several specific coverages such as pollution liability, business interruption insurance, surety bonds, and more.
  3. Find an Experienced Agent – Choose an agency that is willing to spend time with you in order to pinpoint your exact insurance needs. This means having an experienced agent meet with you at your place of business to review your property, help determine its proper value, and adjust your coverages accordingly. The last thing you want is to pay more to insure a piece of equipment or property when you really should be paying less.

There’s never been a better time for business owners in the construction industry to get insured. Now that you know how to find the best construction insurance in New Jersey, it’s time to go out there and get it!

Homeowners Insurance Is Affected by Owner Demographics

The amount you pay for your Orlando homeowners insurance is based on a number of variables. Some of these variables pertain to the value of your home and property; the higher the value of your property, the higher your premium. Other factors have to do with the risk of something happening to your home, with safety measures such as proximity to a fire station or presence of smoke detectors making your home safer and thus lowering your premium. Variables that come as a surprise to some, however, have to do with demographics.

Demographic Data

Demographic descriptors include things such as your age, gender and marital status, and they often are used to determine how likely you are to stay with one insurance provider. For example someone who is married has a longer retention rate, as does someone who purchases more than one type of coverage from the same company. Younger, first-time home buyers often pay higher rates than older clients, and smokers sometimes must pay higher premiums due to increased risk of fire from burning cigarettes.

An Insurance Agent Can Help

The good news is that not all insurance providers judge your demographic profile in exactly the same manner. A qualified insurance agency will look at multiple providers of Orlando homeowners insurance and connect you with one that minimizes high-priced biases associated with who you are judged to be based on descriptive statistics.

Three Things Errors and Omissions Insurance Does Not Cover

Insurance can protect your business and offer defense from many types of claims. However, this does not mean all aspects of your business will be covered. When getting your errors and omissions insurance quote, keep in mind that the following issues will most likely not be included.

False Advertising

Clearly you want potential clients to take note of your company. However, intentionally advertising false information is usually not covered. Take care to ensure that all advertising you place includes accurate facts and only feature services, products and prices that are available.

Personally Identifiable Information

While there are cases when your clients information can get stolen through no fault of your own, failing to safeguard information that is in your care is not always protected on your policy. When getting an errors and omissions insurance quote it would behoove you to check whether there are circumstances where the coverage would extend to this area.

Bodily Injury of Property Insurance

Personal injury such libel and slander claims may be covered, but bodily injury and property damage is not likely included with this particular insurance. You will want to consider general liability coverage to for these types of claims.

When you are researching how you are protected with your policy, it is just as important to understand what is not included so you can be prepared with additional coverage if need be. When getting your errors and omissions insurance quote be sure to know the variables on both sides.

Errors and Omissions Insurance in New York

Errors and omissions in New York can be a significant cause of financial strain on companies that don’t have adequate insurance coverage. Errors and omissions insurance is meant to financially protect companies from problems caused by mistakes made during work. These can include legal fees, settlement money for people affected by the error, and other associated costs.

Who Needs Errors and Omissions Coverage?

Any company can benefit from having errors and insurance coverage as part of its insurance portfolio. However, unlike other types of insurance, errors and omissions coverage is not required. The best time to get insured against errors and omissions is before a problem arises, as marks on the company’s record will only cause premiums to increase. Sometimes, contracts with clients will require errors or omissions insurance to be in place for the duration of the partnership or work covered by the contract.

Where Do You Get Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Most insurance agencies that deal with business insurance are able to draft errors and omissions policies. Since the needs of different types of companies vary so much, it is necessary to read a given policy carefully before committing to it.

Errors and omissions in New York don’t have to be a serious problem for your business. With the right insurance policy, you can rest easy when the occasional honest mistake happens.

Specialty Insurance Products for Agency Partners

Aegis General Insurance Agency is a full-service program administrator that is a wholly owned, top-rated subsidiary of Aegis Security Insurance Company and licensed in all 50 states. Our unique approach to underwriting, product design, distribution and marketing is paramount to our success with our agency and distribution partners.

Innovative Insurance Solutions

At Aegis General, for almost 40 years we have been concentrating on insurance solutions for markets that are underserved. We started underwriting insurance for manufactured homes and added programs for non-standard homeowners, low-value dwellings and motorcycles. We are continuously supplementing our portfolio’s diverse product and geographic insurance offerings, which currently include:

  • Surety bonds
  • Accident and health insurance
  • Unoccupied dwelling program
  • Manufactured home insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance plans
  • Blanket accident coverage

Our team of specialists is comprised of knowledgeable, experienced and skilled insurance experts dedicated to serving our agency partners and customers efficiently. With distinct qualifications and extensive industry support expertise, our organization is well positioned to develop our product and environmental footprint.

Exceptional Financial Strength

Our agents at Aegis General take pride in our underwriting training and targeted strategies to assess uncertainty. This has allowed us to build our programs successfully through a decisive agency distribution path. Our agency associates express appreciation often for our ability to respond immediately to the marketplace with innovative products and delivery enhancements and for partnering with our insurance agency.

Unique Risks Staffing Firms Face

Staffing firms provide a valuable service to the economy by providing temporary employees to businesses that need short-term staff for one reason or another. Staffing firms also make it possible for potential employers to hire staff on a short-term basis in order to determine whether they would be compatible for long-term positions in their company. Because they are constantly involved in the hiring and contracting process, it is important for staffing firms to purchase employment agency insurance.

Due to the nature of their business and the number of employees they contract to other businesses, staffing firms face unique risks. They simply cannot predict when one of their employees will file a claim against them for harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination.

How Staffing Firms Can Protect Themselves

In order to protect their financial interests, staffing firms should be careful to purchase employment agency insurance coverage and always keep coverage in place. The more employees they hire and contract to other companies, the higher their risk of facing a lawsuit. Even staffing agencies that take every necessary precaution in regard to their employees could still face a variety of allegations. These allegations could easily drain their financial resources in the absence of adequate insurance coverage.

By purchasing employment agency insurance coverage that is appropriate for their risks and business size, staffing firms can protect themselves from financial ruin in the event of an employee lawsuit.

How to Submit a Cargo Insurance Claim

One of the most important pieces of cargo claims information to remember is to always make sure that shipments are properly insured and both senders and recipients know to file an insurance claim. Whether you are shipping cargo by truck, plane or ship, here are some tips for filing an insurance claim for lost or damaged materials in a way that is more likely to net you compensation in a timely and efficient manner.

1. Assess the Damage

Write a written assessment, thoroughly describing any missing or damaged items. Note these items on the shipment receipt as well whenever possible. Photographs can also be helpful for insurance claims.

2. Protect the Shipment

Take precautions to ensure that the shipment is not damaged further. Seal open packing containers and remove any damaged or leaking items from the shipment. Move the entire shipment to a secure location as soon as possible.

3. Deal with Damaged Items

Remove damaged items and packaging from the shipment if it is necessary to preserve the rest of the items. However, preserve all damaged items in a designated place until the claim has been processed.

4. Notify the Insurance Company

Send a claim to your shipping insurance company. Work with your agent if you need to ensure that the claim is processed correctly.

Quick acting and a plan for relaying cargo claims information to the appropriate parties ensures that your insurance claim is dealt with as soon as possible.

Do You Really Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Accountants are known as some of the most meticulous professionals. You know how important it is to your clients that you be accurate and file taxes on time. It’s a sad truth that you or your staff can still make mistakes and errors, especially as your business becomes more successful and you have more clients. Accountants professional liability insurance is a policy which you can add to your insurance portfolio that provides coverage in case you are sued by a client when you’ve made an error. Sometimes, this insurance is referred to as Errors & Omissions insurance or E&O.

You may think that you don’t need E&O insurance because you are very careful. You should remember that America has become an extremely litigious society. Your business could be sued for many different reasons, some of which aren’t even connected to making a mistake. You still need to provide a defense for what is known as a “meritless” case. This defense can be costly and time consuming for you.

Accountants professional liability insurance gives you peace of mind for your business. You have so many things to worry about, not just during tax season when things can get extra busy. Don’t let a small error destroy everything you’ve worked for. Have the risk management strategy in place to protect your business. You can’t afford not to have E&O insurance on your way to success.

Is Your Business Covered for Cyber Liability Yet?

Technology is running rampant all throughout the world. While this might not worry some people, others realize that access to technology makes information that was once private vulnerable. You might think that what you do on your own computer is just your business, but it doesnt take much for someone to hack his or her way in and find all of your documents, browsing history, financial information and more. When your business relies on technology to store important information about your customers, you need cyber liability insurance. The Martin Financial Group provides a variety of insurance options, including helping you to assess and find the cyber protection your business needs.

Time to Get With the Times

Although you might not think that anyone would want the information you have stored on your servers, some hackers get their kicks by taking information just because they can. The downside is that if the information of your customers is compromised in such a way that causes them harm, you are the one held responsible. Along with the development of technology to keep your customers happy, you need to do what you can to protect their digital information and your business in case of a security breach.

Protect Your Business and More

There is much more at stake than just your business. A breach in your cyber security could spell disaster for your clients as well. For more information regarding protection of your digital assets and customer information, contact a knowledgeable insurance provider like the Martin Financial Group.