Protect Your Staffing Agency With Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability

Protecting your staffing agency requires securing suitable insurance to make certain coverage is complete. One such policy all staffing agencies must have in place is employment practices liability. This coverage can help counter claims afforded to an employer by its employees, which in many cases can have very serious affects.

What Is Employment Practices Liability?

If an employee believes a violation of rights have occurred, legal action may be initiated against an employer. The resulting lawsuits can prove extremely damaging to a business, especially when dealing with costly defense fees and the like.

In this event, an employment practices liability policy can be essential to remaining financially stable in the face of legal turmoil. This policy can cover court costs, which is highly important when attempting to continue operations while also dealing with ongoing legal issues.

What Does It Cover?

Allegations of employee rights violations can include a number of incidents. Common claims often involve allegations of discrimination and harassment, while wrongful termination/discipline can also play a role. An employee may also allege they were prevented from receiving promotions for which they were qualified, as well as claiming evaluations were conducted in an unsatisfactory way.

Coverage When You Need It Most

A single lawsuit can be extremely damaging to even the most successful of staffing firms. That’s why implementing dependable insurance coverage is so important. With the right policy in place, you can rest assured that your firm will remain intact no matter what.


photo credit: the daily grind (license)