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Why Food Contamination Insurance is Necessary

One out of every six Americans will get food poisoning each year, leading to 128,000 hospitalizations as well as many recalls and lawsuits. This means that food contamination is a serious threat to many businesses. Food growers, processors, distributors, and even restaurants can all face significant losses due to accidental contamination or malicious tampering, but there are ways to mitigate these risks. Food contamination insurance keeps food businesses protected.


Specialized Coverage


Because the definition of “property” varies, some food contamination claims might be covered under general liability or business property insurance—but that only works when the definition happens to vary in your favor. In most cases, losses due to spoiled food can only be covered with a specialized food contamination policy.


Types of Insurance


There are different types of food contamination coverage; policies specifically for food spoilage can protect you from losses due to a damaged inventory. In addition, food recall insurance might be a good idea for manufacturers, since a recall can seriously hurt a company. It’s important to find a custom policy that fits your business well.


Risk Management


Risk management is one of the best courses of action for food companies. It helps to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, protects consumers, and keeps a business running smoothly.  You can protect yourself by seeking professional advice on issues such as vendor agreements, risk transfer, and food safety. Combining risk management with a quality food contamination insurance policy ensures that your business will be as safe as possible.

Understanding the Value of Social Media for Insurance Marketing

Think about what advertising would have been like 50 years ago. Salespeople relied almost exclusively on word-of-mouth, as well as whatever advertising they were able to put together outside storefronts and inside large public places such as malls or fairgrounds. Now, with the spread of the use of the internet, marketing is a lot easier. Social media for insurance advertising is a tremendous resource to use when looking to gain clientele.


Mass Coverage


The amounts of people that can be reached through an online marketing campaign far exceed the number that may see a billboard or watch an ad on TV. Being able to provide the public with basic information about your agency in an efficient and modern way is bound to gain a significant amount of attention.


Money Smart


Advertising is one of the priciest parts of running any company. Without marketing, clients simply wouldn’t know an organization ever existed and without clients, a company may fail to exist altogether. Social media is significantly cheaper to use than other strategies, enabling companies to get a lot of traffic for a decent price.


The reasons to use Social Media for Insurance marketing include the ability to modify and change information as you please, immediate access to design professionals, and the ability to use a multi-pronged approach to marketing through blogs, SEO content, and articles posted online. With such a valuable resource at your fingertips, it is time to put it to use and gain the traffic your agency needs to become number one.

Assisted Living Nursing: Risk Management Solutions

As more and more seniors continue to require progressively advanced health care needs, the number of nurses who will find themselves working with an aging population within a nursing home, CCRC, or assisted living facility is expected to increase substantially in the future. Nurses currently working within assisted living facilities have unique challenges and specific potential risks when it comes to patient care. To that end, certain insurance providers have developed comprehensive liability and risk management solutions specifically for nurses who care for our aging seniors.


Liability Coverage & Risk Management Mitigation


Insurers that provide specialized liability coverage and risk management for assisted living nurses understand the particular needs of the industry, and can tailor an umbrella of coverage that helps both protect and educate those involved in the field. Furthermore, some insurance providers now offer industry-specific risk management solutions for nurses, doctors, administration, and other facility staff to help reduce the chance of risk. These services can include helplines for risk consultation, web-based virtual risk assessments, webinars that offer CE credit for nurses, newsletters and E-news, and more.


Nurses in assisted living facilities provide compassion, support, and care to those who need it most. Proper liability coverage and risk management for assisted living nurses can ensure that those in this noble field can continue to focus first and foremost on patient care and safety.

Protect Your Business With Reliable Insurance Coverage

Risk is inherent in most business ventures, which is why choosing the right insurance is crucial to continued success. This is especially true when considering employee-related suits that can stem from harassment claims.


Employment practices insurance coverage can help a business deal with the fallout from such claims, while also providing the means of avoiding future incidents. Comprehensive coverage ensures that a business stays intact no matter what may occur.


Protection When You Need It Most

Claims stemming from harassment or discrimination charges can be highly damaging to the work environment. Not only can such claims tarnish a company’s good reputation, they can also result in exorbitant legal fees and expenditures.


Reliable employment practices insurance coverage can offer protection in the event of a discrimination suit. This includes all allegations stemming issues such as wrongful discipline, workplace harassment, and other discrimination charges. Risk management procedures should also be a feature of a sound insurance plan. These procedures can help employers implement useful methods to avoid future claims.


The Right Coverage Can Save Your Business


Whether dealing with past occurrences or warding offer future events, the right insurance plan is crucial to maintaining a business. Without such coverage in place, a company may be subjected to lengthy suits and court costs. Planning ahead can save your business money, while also sparing the headache of dealing with ongoing litigation.

Two Things to Know About Home Owners Insurance

It is essential for every homeowner to have homeowners insurance. A policy can cover you in the event there is damage to the property, as well as protecting you from liability for accidents that may occur. Most mortgage companies require homeowners to secure homeowners insurance in Reisterstown Maryland before they will underwrite a loan for a house.


Read Your Policy Thoroughly


A homeowner’s policy may not be the most exciting thing to read but it is a legal contract; it is important to understand the rights and responsibilities of your insurance carrier as well as your own. If there are any questions or concerns, be sure they are addressed before you commit to the policy.


Review Your Policy Each Year


It is a good idea to go over your homeowner’s policy every year to be sure it provides adequate coverage. Building an addition onto a house or remodeling rooms can increase the value of the property, and that needs to be reflected in your insurance coverage. If you replace a substantial amount of furniture or electronic equipment, confirm they are fully covered in the event they are damaged or stolen. Big ticket items such as expensive jewelry are typically insured by riders that are separate from a homeowner’s policy.


Understanding your homeowners insurance in Reisterstown Maryland and being certain it fully covers your home and possessions are important for everyone who has a house.

Using Social Media to Boost Insurance Sales

According to recent surveys, more than 80 percent of Americans start with an online search when they look for a new insurance policy. As comparison shopping becomes easier and more popular, it is more important than ever to use the power of social media to maximize your insurance sales marketing efforts.


Business Benefits of Social Media


Many people check their social media accounts multiple times per day. By building a great page for your company and using it to reach potential customers, you can get in touch with your own target audience at a remarkably low cost. As you build relationships with clients, you can also use your company’s site as a customized focus group, speaking with customers and getting constant feedback from them. Another advantage of being a smart social media user is the ability to keep an eye on your competition and know the techniques they are using.


Custom Promotions and Offers


Social media postings on a smaller scale can also help you build your client base. An exciting tweet with a discount offer or a special deal can bring new clients into your business. These social media promotions can be customized to meet your exact geographic needs.


Stay in Step With New Technologies


Insurance sales marketing has been transformed almost beyond recognition by the new technologies developed during the last 20 years. By making the most of social media and other online resources, you can start boosting your sales today.

Why Do Educators Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

Educators, school administrators, and other specialists who work in an educational institution are not of the hook when it comes to being sued for alleged mishaps. Directors and Officers for Educators, also known as D&O Liability Insurance, protects those who play an influential role in educational institutions from financial ruin that may result from being charged with wrongful allegations. It may also provide proper indemnification and coverage for legal fees.

Situations That May Require Insurance Protection

Whenever a person is placed in a position of trust, as is often the case among educators, there is always a risk of being sued for improper conduct, regardless of whether or not the claims are substantiated. Proper liability insurance coverage may offer support and protection for following and more:

  • Claims that result from managerial decisions that lead to adverse financial consequences
  • Claims that result from classroom decisions that affect the future educational opportunities for students
  • Allegations that arise out of regulatory and criminal investigations and trials

Learn More Today

Do not be a victim of circumstance. You may be eligible for protection against allegations even if you have filed liability claims in the past. To see if you qualify for Directors and Officers for Educators and to learn more about how it can benefit you in your position of educational leadership, contact a reputable liability insurance company today.

Do You Have Enough Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Protect your home by checking your homeowners insurance in Tennessee policy to ensure that it has a sufficient amount of coverage. Your policy can keep you from incurring any unexpected out of pocket expenses if your home is burglarized or damaged.


Liability Coverage Provides Additional Protection


Liability coverage is great for homeowners that have a family or pets, since it provides additional medical coverage for injuries. The only exclusion for liability is car accidents. This type of coverage is very beneficial if you are in between jobs, have children in college, or do not have a sufficient amount of health care coverage.


Hazard Insurance Protects Your Home and Possessions


Hazard insurance is the portion of the policy that covers physical damage to your home and possessions, if that damage arises from catastrophic events such as fire, wind, smoke, lightening, and more. Read your homeowners insurance in Tennessee policy to learn more about the list of disasters and damages that your particular policy includes. Many insurance companies do not automatically include flood and earthquake coverage. If you live in an area where there is a history of flooding and earthquakes in the past ten years, do not forget to add this type of coverage into your policy.


Makes sure that you clearly understand all the terminology and coverage options that are included in your policy. Do not hesitate to speak with a homeowners insurance in Tennessee agent if you have any concerns or need to add additional coverage.